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A freind and I fished wylie friday evening for about six hours. We anchored in a few diferent spots in coves and caught one fish per spot. We tried a long drift closer to dark for about an hour without a single bite.
We started focusing on shallow water near sunset and the bite turned on.
We caught 6 fish between 3 and 8 lbs in the first hour after sunset. Unfortunatly we hadn't really planned on staying out that late so we didn't have any lights. Not even a head light. While I was trying to get a 6/0 circle hook out by the light of a bic lighter I slipped and stuck the fishes fin waaay up in my finger. I said we've pressed our luck long enough. So we left before we got hurt any worse. The bait of choice was threadfin shad and crappie fillets.
I'm sure we could have caught more fish but we also might have cut our finger off in the dark.

The water temps in the mid 60's and the shallow bite is getting really good like it does every spring. I cleaned a few fish and they were full of eggs.
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