Lake Wylie Report 4/1-4/2

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    No April fools joke here, the month started off nicely. We went out for a night trip from about 8:00pm-1:00am on Saturday and and afternoon cook-out/fishing trip from 4:00pm-7:00pm on Sunday.

    There were several 5 ½ pounders, a 6 ½, and an 8 ½ that tied my personal best channel on Wylie on Saturday night. Sunday evening I was out with some teenage friends of my daughters and we caught 8 channels and blues from 2-6 pounds.

    Winds were calm and skies clear both days. Water on the South Fork is in the mid 70's and the upper main lake is in the mid 60's. The bite was slower than last weekend. We fished a combination of trolling and anchoring. Preferred bait was bream.

    We ended up with 20 cats from the two trips.
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    wyliecat sounds like you been doing pretty good down there. nice to fish with the kids. i took my son out sat. night to badin. he caught 5-6 fish but nothing big. i let him do all the catching and when it came time to go. he said i caught the most didnt i. i just had to laugh. it does make for some fun fishing when you take time with the younger ones.

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    thats good to know,i may be going back to wylie some time soon