Lake Wylie Report 1.09.10

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    I did some drifting yesterday. The wind was up, so I did not really want to anchor and fight the breeze. Some areas were better than others, but for a 37 degree day it was a decent bite of three fish per hour drifting. No whoppers, and mostly blues.

    Water in the backs of the creeks was cold, 40-41 degrees and stained. The main lake was around 44-45 and clear, and the South Fork was around 54-55 and clear. The dirty water in the back of the creeks really gets a lot colder due to the lack of light penetration. No visible shad kill, but there was a lot of fish staged in Catawba Creek, but not biting.

    Its a different lake than it was a month ago. The 15-20 degree drop in the water temp really changes what you see on the sonar. The fishing is tougher right now, but there are some big fish to be caught for the patient angler that can brave the cold. Things are at least stable, and the bite will continue to improve and become more and more patternable. We might even get a good bite going week after next if we get the 55-60 degrees highs some of the long range forecasts are calling for.
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    Good report, Dieter!

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