Lake Wylie June 20th

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    I got out today for a catfish trip after a couple of days or perch fishing. Slept a little late, but was at my first spot at 7:00am. Water up river was 83 degrees. Water on the middle lake is about the same, and the South Fork is 93 above the bridge. There was a few showers this morning, but things cleared up nicely by lunch and in came the wind.

    Overall, it was a bad day!! :crazy: Had a great time, but the it was more fishing than catching. Only landed seven fish from 7:00am - 2:00pm. I anchored in the Catawba and the South Fork and never hooked a fish. I tried drifting some creeks around 10:00am and finally caught some small fish. Grabbed a hotdog at Harbortown Marina and drifted the South Fork and caught a few more small ones. The only other option was the lower lake, and with the fish not biting, I did not feel like burning the gas! :big_smile:

    My bet is that if someone heads out tonight they will slay 'em!! :lol: