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    hello my B.O.C. brothers and sisters its been a while since ive posted anything but i figue i ask a question does anyone know some good inshore bankfish spots on th south carolina side of lake wylie i live in york county so that should give you a general area to where i live so please if you want to tell me some spots but i understand if you dont want to tell me you good spot i dont keep fish i cpr but still i understand but any way thanks for the replys and good luck if you go fishing have a good night / day :wink:
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    I don't bank fish much but if I was going to I'd probably go beside the bridge on allison creek. There's a lot of muscles right around there, and it's pretty shallow for the most part.

    The fish are biting real good shallow right around dark and into the night. I guess they're getting ready to spawn. Or maybe already started. I've been casting right up a few feet off the bank and catching a good bit lately.:wink:

    Everytime I've fish right around allison creek boat landing I've never done any good.

    Fishing around T bones at night aint bad either. All that water around the docks is only 6' deep or so. And it gets shallower the closer you cast toward the restaruant. Plus the bass hang around there after getting released from all the tournements. Every once in a while one of them will bite your cut bait.

    Good Luck.

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    It may be a bit further that what wyliecatter recomended, but Nivens creek landing might be a good spot to give a try. Ive caught alot of fish from that creek on cut bait. I think that thats the thing you need to do most is use cut bait(bream, pearch,shad). If you just want to catch fish use fresh shrimp also, but Ive been told that you will catch mostly bullheads.