Lake Wylie Drought Update 10.9.07

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    I rode down by Wylie today and the lake appeared to have dropped another foot. I confirmed online via the Duke Power website that Lake Wylie is six feet below full pond.

    While I was out I rode by South Point Access and the entrance was blocked by concrete barriers. Add to that Allison Creek that has been closed for over a month, Buster Boyd and Ebenezer Park landings that closed last week, Copperhead Access that closed in Septemeber, and you are left with Nivens Creek Access as the only open access on Lake Wylie.

    Mt. Island, while still accessible at the Riverbend Access is 5.6 below full pond and 0.1 feet from being at its minimum level. Norman is 6.6 below full pond.

    The good news is....well....well....someone want to help out with this one? :eek:oooh:
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    The good news is with the temps falling at the end of the week,the fishin will get better!:big_smile_2: