Lake Wylie 9.14.08 - 9.20.08

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    Overall Bite: SLOW

    Even though the fish Billfish76 caught this week would make you think otherwise, the overall fishing is slower than normal on Lake Wylie right now.

    Lake Wylie water temps remained 77-79 degrees in the rivers and 81-83 on the lower lake much of the week. Night temperatures in the upper 50's have helped to maintain these lower water temperatures. The lake remains about 6" above it taget elevation, and this has meant periods of good water flow especially in the evenings.

    The night bite continues to be very slow. Daytime drifting has been the better option for catching fish. Smaller pieces of cut bait are working better, with threadfin shad leading the way. There is no certain area of the lake that is producing more fish than others. Creeks, main lake humps and flats will all produce a few fish, but the bite is so slow that developing a pattern is tough. Anglers can expect catches of 8-10 per trip if patient.
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    Oh yeah!! It want be long now. I am just waiting for the water temp to come down a little more. Thanks for the report.