Lake Wylie 7.20.08 - 7.26.08

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    Overall Bite: FAIR

    Lake temperatures are around 85-88 degrees on the main lake, 82-84 degrees in the rivers, and 92-96 degrees below the hot water discharge in the South Fork River. The water remains mainly clear over the entire lake. Most of the water flow seems to be taking place at night, but the bite also seems to be falling off after dark this week.

    Catches have been between 8-12 fish. Post spawn channel and blue cat males are showing up daily now. They are beaten down and battered, but biting again with regularity. Drifting seems to produce the most fish, and baits vary from day to day. The best bet is to have a variety of cut baits to insure success.

    Now that the spawn seems to be over, the main lake flats will probably be a good place to focus in the next few weeks.
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    Appreciate the report, Dieter!
    BB in SC

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