Lake Wylie 5.7.07 / A Good Day To Be a Guide

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    It had all the makings of a bad day. Winds were out of the north at 15-17 mph gusting to 24 and clear skies.

    It turned out to be the best day I have ever had on Wylie for total numbers.

    I set out on the water around 11:00am. Since it was windy I decided to drift some areas that favored the wind. The bite was about average for the first couple of hours. Around 1:00pm the barometer started falling and the fish started biting. From 11:00am until 1:00pm I had caught 8 fish. From 1:00pm-5:00pm I caught 34!

    Most of the fish were in a narrow range of water depth from 9-12 feet. I was drifting with the wind at around .50-.75mph slowed by a drift sock and fishing six rods in the 70 degree water. The bait of choice was white perch, even though I did manage to catch a few on bream before switching over to white perch exclusively.

    I ended the day with 42 channel cats from 3-6 pounds. It surpassed my Lake Wylie best of 30 fish from May of last year.

    It was a good day to be a guide, but today I was fishing alone! :lol:
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    Very good report Capt.:big_smile: