Lake Wylie 5.5.07

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    After listening to the weather man call for rain until midnight, and looking at a radar screen that showed no rain, I decided to head out fishing and was on the water by 7:30pm on Saturday. The water was around 70 degrees and the winds were calm with a steady barometer. It was cloudy and misty the entire evening.

    I did some trolling untill dark and found channel cats in the 5-6 pound range near the banks in 12-14 feet of water. The deeper runs did not provide any fish, so I stayed shallow and caught 10 before 9:00pm.

    By 9:30 I was anchored and looking for some big fish. About 15-20 minutes into my set-up I caught a 15 pound flathead. After the 30 pound flathead in the tournament last weekend, and the other I caught this spring pre-fishing, I have caught more flatheads on Wylie this year than in the past three combined!! :big_smile:

    The flathead was the only big fish I caught, but I did manage 9 more channels and blues in the 4-6 pound range before heading home around 2:00am. I finished the day with 20 fish.
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    That sounds like you made a great night out of a not so pretty day. If this wind dies down Im going to get out there this week a couple of nights. (The wife is out of town with the kids)

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    Good Report, I always enjoy reading them.