Lake Wylie 4.5.07

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    I headed out late today to try some mid day drifting on the upper end of Lake Wylie. Temperatures have dropped almost 20 degrees since mid week, and the winds have picked up, so after sitting in 70 degree weather fishing earlier this week I was not in the mood for a sunrise boat ride in 41 degree air. After all, the newspaper said the peak bit was around 1:00 so why go early!!!!

    I got up to my first spot around 10:45am-11:00. The water at South Point landing was around 68 degrees and 65 up river with winds were 6-10. Fish starting biting soon after I set up the drift. I decided to make a couple of passes over the same area and landed 6-7 fish including one channel around seven pounds.

    I moved to an area blocked from the wind and landed several more 4-5 pound fish. The bite slowed as I moved to some open water, but picked back up on several small humps. It was there that I caught a nine pound channel cat and an eight pounder on the same run. That channel cat is my second biggest ever.

    After that I targeted a 19-20 foot bowl surrounded by 14 foot water. There I landed a nice fat 6 ½ pound blue cat and another nice channel cat. With 20 cats in the boat I headed south and made some drifts in the shallows and across the channel near the power plant. There I was able to land four more smaller fish bringing my total for the day to 24 fish. I was off the water at 5:00pm.

    The baromter fell slightly while on the water from 1014mb to 1011mb and winds were varialble 6-10 and air temps 55-60. So far the cold has not affected the water temps, but I bet by Sunday we will see a significant water temperature change.
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    Great afternoon of fishing. I thought about going this afternoon, but took my daughter to Buster Boyd landing to catch some Bream. Her throwing rocks didnt have the fish biting. We did catch a few for bait for this weekend.

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    That was one great day. Way to go dieter!
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    Hey Wylie Cat I got on here to make a few day old report on the same day, but you already have. I put in at buster boyd at 6:00 and went into the south fork. We anchored shallow and only caught 2 small fish in the first spot, but the second spot was dynamite. We were anchored in 4' of water and fishing real shallow with almost nonstop bites. My depthfinder said the water was 79 degrees up there. Our biggest fish was probably 5-6 lbs. I tryed one more spot up there and only got one good bite before we headed back south. The water was real choppy all the way back. We fished a spot closer to the bridge till around 12:30. It produced real good too. I don't know how many fish we caught there but it was somewhere between 10 and 15. They were all over 3 lbs. We loaded up at 12:30. Not because the fish quit biting, but because I thought I had frost bite on my toes. It was an awesome trip.