Lake Wylie 3-21-09 Tournament Results

Discussion in 'Catawba Catfish Club' started by martygreen, Mar 22, 2009.

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    Rock Hill,S.C.
    The Catawba Catfish Club had their 3rd Tourney of the year Sauturday.We had a total of 8 boats fishing the Tourney,hoped for a bigger turnout on Wylie but with a couple of other clubs holding events on the same day and a Wal Mart BFL Tournament[127 boats] launching out of the same landing as us,the crowd was not quiet what we hoped for,We all still had a great time nonetheless.The bite was way off Saturday and the event basically turned into a Channel Cat Tourney,there were a few blues caught by most teams and most of those were in the 2-4 lb range.

    The Top 3 Spots were as Follows:

    1.Cary Vandenbroecke and Matt Barrett with 21.1 lbs
    2.Tracey Evans and Larry Magliolo with 18.15 lbs
    3.Marty Green,Jeff Green and Chad Catledge with 18.0 lbs

    Cary and Matt also won the Big Fish Pot with a 9.3 lb Channel Cat

    Sorry no pictures were taken on this event.

    In the night tournament that followed ours that a bunch of us also fished was won by Dieter Melhorn with 19 lbs,this was a Channel Cat only was sponsored by a Clover,SC Hunting and Fishing Store and they have a monthly event at night on Wylie.

    We all had a good time despite the poor bite,was a long day and night to say the least.

    Look forward to seeing you all back at Wateree for our next one on April 25th,that ought to be one heck of a good bite and crowd.:wink::cool2:
  2. gotta go

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    Great job guys and i can't wait till the next one at Wateree. I thought it might be more boats because of the good turnouts on Wateree, maybe next time

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    Lake Green
    Congrats to the winners and top finishers!:wink: Great job guys.
  4. JimmyJonny

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    Congrats guys , thanks for the report.

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    South Carolina
    Had a good time and was hoping someone would pull one of our nice blues out. Wylie has some good fish. The channels were killing our baits during the day, but shut down after dark. Marty and Jeff put on another good tourney, as usual :cool2:. Thanks
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    Congrats to the winners and all that fished the wylie tourny. Looks like it was tuff fishing everywhere saturday. Already looking foward to the wateree tourny, april is a great month on wateree for size and numbers. If we get a fair amount of rain in april there is a good chance they will have the water moving good, and we all know when the water is moving the big blue cat bite is awsome. Making it anyones tourny to win!!!
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    realy enjoyed the tournament,allthough the catching sucked for us couldn,t have fished with a nicer bunch of guys nice to meet all of you if i get back that way we,ll do it again good luck to all