Lake Wylie 3.12.07

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    The wife was out of town this weekend so I had a lot of time to fish. I fished Wylie two days this weekend and I covered a lot of different water on the upper end of the lake. Anything below the confluence of the Catawba and the South Fork is still VERY muddy. The South Fork has cleared up a good bit from the water coming in from Marshall Steam Station.

    I did ride to the back of Catawba Creek and there was some clean water coming in. Though shallow, there was a god bit of bait in the area and some cats in the 3-4 pound range. The lower part of Catawba had scattered fish and bait and was much muddier. The mouth of Catawba held some 5-6 pound fish in the deeper water down around 22-28 feet, but the bites were few.

    Sunday morning was really nice until the wind picked up. About the time the wind picked up is when I finally found some good pods of bait fish with arches under them in a 15-18 foot hole near an 8 foot flat. I got in a couple of drifts and landed some blues in the 5-6 ½ pound range. The hole was near the bank and some piers and it was really had to drift and my pontoon does not anchor well in the wind. Most of the fish in the South Fork were in groups, and you would get hit and catch a couple of fish and then nothing for 45 minutes.

    Not a bad couple of days. I caught 24 fish in the two days. No monsters, but nice 4-6 pound channels and blues.
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    Good report Dieter! I found no blue cats and a few channels 3-5 pounders. Give it another month and they will be eating it up for sure. Drifting seemed to provide the best bite. The fish taken from the anchored positions pecked and pecked. No real slammers like we are used to seeing.

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    I'm thinking about hitting Wylie tomorrow maybe to bass fish.