Lake Wylie 2.15.09 - 2.21.09

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    Overall Bite: GOOD

    Lake Wylie remained clear this week and at seasonable temperatures around 50-52 degrees. A few cold nights later in the week dropped the lake surface temperature a few degrees. The South Fork was once cooler than normal, but some release of warm water late in the week raised the South Fork to more normal temperatures around 55-60 degrees. Movement of water varied throughout the week with it happening some days early in the morning and other days at mid-day.

    The bite this week was away from deeper water and more on nearby flats. Marking fish was difficult, but you could catch them even when you did not see them. Again, fish were covered in mud and hitting moving baits drifting. Anchoring was not working well and produced very few fish.

    Shad has been plentiful and easy to net near the surface early in the morning. The bad news is that the cats are just not hitting shad for some odd reason. White perch worked well, but the down side is that they are nearly impossible to catch in numbers right now. This is when frozen baits come in handy, and on Friday I used frozen perch from September 2008 and caught 29 cats on the bait.

    The cold fronts moving through tossed a wrench in the bite late in the week, but overall it was a good week where anglers could expect 20-25 fish per day on Wylie.
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    Thanks for the report, Very useful and informative. Keep up the good work!:wink:

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    Good Report Wyliecat,informative as usual:wink:
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    Thanks for the report.