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    Fouke, Arkansas
    i been wanting to try my luck drifting the river channel on my local lake so saturday afternoon i decided to give it a shot. i first went below the spillway and caught some shad then drove around to elliot's bluff boat ramp and put in. the lake was fairly calm behind the dam but once u got out away from the dam the wind was pretty strong. the gulls, pelicans, and cormorants had the river channel covered up so i knew there must have been alot of shad there. i drifted the channel with the wind but was driftin way too fast. next time i go i will take a couple of buckets for drift socks to slow me down. anyway i didnt catch but 1 small channel cat but i got a feel for what i needed to do next time.
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    I have friends who wear em out on the lake side in the spring.