Lake Wateree

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  1. sds888

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    Townville, South Carolina
    I am heading down there tomorrow for the first time. Going to be taking some of the families kids fishing. How far is it to run from the shaw airforce campground to cedar creek where everyone is talking about? Is it worth the gas or should I just stay around the campground? Also any tips yall can give is much appreicated. I need a fast bite for the kids and would like a nice one for me. I will also try some crappie fishing while down there. I will be down there for eight days. If yall see a little camo g3 boat. Give me a hollar.
  2. barraGouda

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    hey bro.

    the best advice i can give ya is to stop by wally world and pick up a map. find points/deep water interfaces and structure around creek mouths.

  3. scwolf

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    South Carolina
    Not worth the ride that far in my opinion. We've started fishing the area from shaw down towards the damn now. The white bass have been schooling just out of Shaw to the right. Friend of mine and some buddies of his caught 80 last week trolling around the islands near shaw. Panther martins were the ticket. We'll be down this weekend fishing for the white bass and striper. 18ft Crest pontoon with feathernwolf on the side.