Lake Wateree tomorrow..need advice

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    I am heading up to Lake Wateree to the AFB Rec area tomorrow for my squadron's summer picnic and plan on doing some fishing. Just want to know if I even have a prayer of catching anything from the bank there. I have attached 2 pics. First one is my shops cabin and where I plan to fish and the second one is a wider shot of the area to see if another spot would be better. Mainly I want to know if I would be better off casting out into Clearwater Cove or is there a possibility of cats being back in that little inlet? The red dot is my cabin and the lines are where I was planning to fish.

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    We've pulled in to the docks at Clearwater marina for snacks, bathroom breaks, and so on, and I've stayed in the boat, just fishing off of the back of the boat right there at the docks. And caught nice catfish. We ended up just pulling off out of the way of the docks and fishing the cove. It seemed like the more we threw towards the docks, the better we did. We were watching the boaters as they were comming in, and they were dumping bait in the water before loading the boats up. We figured that's why the catfish were hanging around the docks. So if all else fails, try fishing right at the docks.

    Hope this helps.