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The saturday of March 1st I went to Wateree Creek around 7:30am...water temp 52*...couldnt get any shad til 8:30. Anchored in the deep part of the mouth of the wateree creek and never get any bites.

After lunch decided to go up to Stumpy Pond Lake, at 18 ft deep I was able to catch 3 small blues and 1 channel.

Thursday the 6th...I went back to Stumpy Pond and caught many good size shads..maybe 10 of them are large as my hand. Went to a hole in the middle of the lake where the river used be. Fished there for hour and half no bites so I went back to the same location where I fished last saturday and caught 3 small blues and got many bites (think my hook was too large).

Anyone know lot about Wateree or Stumpy Pond, would be nice if you give me some suggestions.
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