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    Hey guys, I have fished out at wateree almost every weekend for the last 3 years, and i have never really had any monsters on the end of the line (10lbs is the biggest).

    Im not asking for any secret spots but where would be a good place to find lunkers and with what bait. I have tried everywhere with cut bream ,shrimp ,worm and perch and i get alot of 3 pounders but thats about it. I will be out there sunday, so hopefully my luck will turn. any help will be appreciated. Thanks guys.
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    A trip with Rodger Taylor and Catfish On Guide Service could show you all the ropes of fishing Wateree,wether it be the Drift bite or the Anchored bite,if you can swing it,that would be my best advice and you would be well on your way to productive Catfishing at Wateree,you can check out his Guide service in the guide section near the botttom of the home page.
    I would also try using shad,either gizzard or threadfin,they are the main baitfish in Wateree and the white perch is always a good bait too,try fishing the shallow flats right now at night and first light in the mornings and drifting on up in the day when they move to deeper water

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    Marty is right about CatFish ON he can show you how and where. If you tell him that you want a big fish he will spend the time trying to put you on one, or show you what you need to go at it yourself. Another thing to try is to go up in the river area and look at where the other boats are anchored early in the morning and at night. Make a note of that and come back and try it your self. Shad, and Perch are a good choice of bait.