Lake Wateree /Cedar Creek June 13th.

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    Camden, South Carolina
    Appreciate the updates, Bill. Sounds like that rott's a pretty good fishing partner. Bet she never complains about being thirsy, hungry, cold, or the bugs bothering her. You just couldn't get her to lie for you tonight, huh? What a shame...:lol: But at least she's in the boat that's catching the fish. Congrats on the 30 pounder. And on the pb last night. Keep up your daily posting - I look forward to 'em. They're the first thing I look for when I log in.
  2. WylieCat

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    We would love to have had you there flopeye. LakeNormanBlues, Roundhill, Billfish, myself, and several others were there. Darryl put on a good show as always. We may have even recruited a few new BOC members.

    HINT HINT BOC STAFF: Send me some cards so I don't have to scribble out the web address to give to people at the meetings!!!! :lol: