Lake Wateree - 6/14/07 am

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  1. Frostman

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    Kershaw, SC
    We put in at Wateree Creek and headed up river a bit. We trolled from about 7:30am til 1pm using bream pieces and parts from white perch we caught while trolling. Caught 5 channels, largest around 2.5 lbs and 4 blues - we kept the smaller ones (3 & 5 lbs) and release the other 2. They weighed 19 lbs and 25 lbs. The teenager with us caught the 19 pounder - it was his biggest fish ever. We had 3 nice fish that got off and numerous bites that didn't get hooked up. I believe they were probably smaller fish that couldn't get the big bream pieces in their mouth. It was very pleasant on the lake this morning. Very calm except for a slight breeze. Duke Power was not releasing any water while we were there.
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    Nice catch Frostman. Way to go with the C&R on the big cats. I am finding a higher proportion of smaller blues in Wateree (they are the ones to eat!) as compared with years past. The blue to channel ratio is favoring blues now. I am pretty sure they are taking a good hold on the lake. Thanks for the report!