Lake Wateree 2/25

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    Started out up in cedar creek anchored down a few nibbles and a baby cat on a white perch rig. moved back out in the main lake and anchored in 32 ft of water marking lots of bait , no fish. while pulling the anchor up had a crappie fisherman yelling and waving his arms , his motor wouldnt crank towed him into wateree creek, then decided to drift in wateree creek. then the wind changed directions so we set up at the mouth of wateree creek and drifted out into the main part of the lake . then the rod went down and hung into a heavy blue cat , scales said he only weighed 25lbs but he sure felt heavier when letting him go. forgot to get the camera out for pics . got rained out tues morning also storms passing threw ! water temps were ranging from 50 to 52 degrees, water is stained especially in the creeks .
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    Thanks for the report.

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    thanks for the report Keith