Lake Wateree 12-30

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  1. BigBird

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    Charlotte, NC
    Matt (Bluedevil 1) and i went to Wateree today in my boat. Bait was not easy but not hard with the big net, if you dont mind cold hands.
    We fished right and we fish left. We marked alot of fish but fish didnt want to bite. Matt caught one fat 20lber late afternoon. He didnt bite but was holding bait on the bottom and we caught him when we went to move. The fish never moved the rod, lol! I had one small bite with the line moving off sideways but not a pull down-probably a small striper.
    We anchored and drifted today. It was cold and got colder as the wet weather moved in this evening. Water looked between chocolate milk and coffee with cream! Water was also a couple feet higher than normal. If we had taken Matts boat we coudnt have gotten ttop under the bridge at durchman's. Current was running for short period of time today. There are alot of log floaters on the lake right now.
    We saw one other boat catch a nice cat anchored. We couldnt see well enough to estimate size. Other than that we pretty much had lake to ourselves.

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  2. larry d. grady

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    north caro
    Bluedevil 1 needs to shave.hes scarring all your fish off.:smile2:

  3. screamnclickersc

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    I was debating on making a striper trip this weekend,but you saved me a trip-thanx! I'm glad the water is back up.We were up there on Christmas eve & we passed under the bridge in the middle w/ rods up.The water was way down. We ended up catching.....:wink:
  4. skiff1

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    south caro
    I was up there the other day. The bite was not good. I think I have a good idea why after seeing a million dead shad floating by the boat.:wink:
  5. katman#1

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    South Carolina
    daniel is right the fish are full from all the dead an dying shad coming down the lake the fish have been biting very sluggish I havent been able to get a pull down thats not bad to get a 20lber with the water conditions
  6. Bill in SC

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    South Caro
    Good report, Lindsay. Last Saturday when we caught that pile of fish, they were short biting, running sideways, and other weird things. I just got a 7 foot net. Hope to catch some shad Friday morning at Blewett Falls to take to Winyah Bay for the tourney Saturday.

    BB in SC
  7. nevets91

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    rock hill south carolina
    yeah i hit wateree yesterday. there was plenty of shad back in dutchman but the fish just didnt want to hit. i anchored and drifted and ended up with one cat about 8 or 9 pounds. i fished from one end of the lake to the other. it was tuff
  8. gotta go

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    That was me chumming up river from you trying to get them to bite.:smile2:

    Nice fish Big Bird, i was going today but my wife left with my check book and fishn lic. She must have something she wants to do later:smile2:
    The fish we caught Tuesday was fat, even though we were not marking bait in the area we were fishn. He was eating somewhere:wink: