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    I got motivated lookin' at GatorT's youngin' photos. I decided to take my 10 year old grandson to lake Wallace. We went to a farm pond and caught some bream, a couple of warmouth perch, and a few and ol' stinky shiners. I decided to bait them all up with cut shiners for the initial drift. We eased out into the lake, and I noticed that the midges were starting up. I cut all my lights OUT. We drifted, actually trolled for about five minutes when I heard a rod slam down. I didn't know if it had gotten hung, or a fish had hit it. By the time I could actually see the rod in the dark, it appeared that there was no fish on it. About that time a large silvery fish went airborne by the boat. I told Justin to reel in the rod that had gotten a hit. Sure enough, the flying fish was on the rod that had gotten a hit! Justin reeled him in and it was a 13 pound 9 ounce blue! We quickly got the fish off, weighed him,got pics and put him back in the lake. Mind you, it's kinda hard to keep the boat straight with the trolling motor, take fish off, weigh and photograph fish, without nutrolling the lines, but we pulled it off. Long story short, we fished for just over two hours and he boated 6 fish. One was a 6 pound channel, a 5 pound channel, and a couple under 5 pounds. Justin did a GREAT job working the fish in between the other lines while I kept the boat straight with the trolling motor. I was very proud of him! We had a great, short night with NO nutrolls or otherwise mishaps.

    Bill in SC

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    Outstanding job my friend.:wink: You'll turn him into a future catsmacker in no time. And thats Big Stuff.:wink:

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    WTG Bill. Love the tshirt with the name tag. I need one of those for my kids too.:wink:
    Looks like fun and fish too.
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    Pat Chaney
    Way to go, Bill - you done a wunnerful thang! Keep takin' him out, he's gonna remember those trips for his entire life :big_smile:
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    Thats how ya do it Bill....great job from both of yas ; ) I bet he had fun pullin in that one !!!