Lake Wallace 10 21 09

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  1. Bill in SC

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    South Caro
    Did a Lake Wallace trip today as I had a bunch of bait on ice that needed to be used. We caught about 15 nice eaters, blues and channels. Being that the creel on cats is 3 per day at Lake Wallace, Chris and I culled all but the six nicest channels. We had five that were five or six pounds, and one a tad smaller. Gave them to a good friend of mine who had requested a half dozen eaters. Headed to the Santee in the morning with James, early. Hope to have a good report when I return!!!!

    BB in SC
  2. pop pop

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    Lake Green
    Glad you got on'em. :wink: 15 is a great day anytime.

  3. crclhuk1

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    Central, SC
    Good catch Bill!! Best of luck to you and James at Santee!Wish I were going, but me and my 8yr old son havea hunting trip planned for this entire weekend. Still trying to get him a nice buck!!!!
    Good luck and be careful..