Lake Wallace 1 3 '10

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    I had told Chris that we may fish after church today, depending on how I felt. Well, after church I felt OK, but the wind and cold was miserable. No sooner had I gotten home, I got a call from Chris. I told him it was too cold and miserable. He said "Just dress appropriately, and I have bought some lucky scrimps." OK says I. If you wanna go that bad, we're off. We drifted for a couple of hours and caught three very small blues. Our bait of the day was frozen American shad, and his lucky scrimps. All three fish were caught on the shad, on the same rod. Water temp was just over 41 degrees, and the wind was gusting, changing direction, and cutting like a new file. 'Bout the time I was starting to get into it, Chris started whining about "cold feet", with his Sperry Topsider shoes on, which are no more than a bonafide penny loafer. So much for the dress appropriately theory! :wink::smile2: Anyhow, we had fun and warded off the dreaded skunk on an otherwise rough day! :cool2:

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    Bill: Please inform Chris that each lucky scrimp must be licked before being used in order to unleash it's awsome power! :big_smile: