Lake Waco Report

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    Waco, Texas, Un
    Went drifting in lake waco yesterday. using cut buffalo and fresh shad for bait. The winds shifted around 11am causing us to change where we were fishing, we had to find new lines to drift with the wind outta the NW when it had been dead outta the south all last week.
    We had several bites that seemed promising but had the back half of 8" shad ripped off. So we started just using the heads and gutpockets of these shad. I caught 4 channels and a blue and the guy fishing with me caught 3 blues. I was using one rod with Buff and one with shad. He was using 1/2X2" strip of buff and 4" whole shad on both of his rigs. All blues were from 4-6lbs and the channels were from 3-5lbs. Not really that good of day, but tomorrow should be better with the winds and weather being consistant.