Lake Tom-a-Lex 7/20

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    Well, Mac gave me the fever. I had to go out and try it for myself today. I must not have paid good enough attention:smile2: We made several drifts and got a few hits but no takers. I think that my brother had one on for just a second. Oh well, it was the first time trying it so I wasn't expecting a whole lot. It was pretty neat, I think that my trolling motor wouldn't go slow enough, we were moving kinda quick even on 1. Still it was a good day on the water.
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    Glad that you enjoyed the trip. Even skunkings are good when you spend it with friends/family

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    I think you may have the wrong idea about what a drift for catfish is. By observing the wind direction and the lake bottom features you position your boat so that whne you get your baits out the wind will push you across the area you think holds cats. You can use your trolling motor to keep your drift on track by pushing back and forth across the wind direction.
    You are right slower is better. We keep two driftmaster socks on our 16 Jon boat and frequenty use them to slow down our drift to a crawl. It doesn't take much wind to push our boat. But if there is no wind or the wind is contantly shifting direction it might be a good day to do something else.