Lake Tillery

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    Anyone know any good spots on tillery? never catfished there but once or twice and we just anchored up somewhere and tried with little to no luck but i know there nice blues in tillery just wondering if anyone knew any good spots we will be putting in at the ramp on montgomery county side of garrison bridge. We dont know where to catch gizzards on tillery so we probally go to badin catch bait then go to tillery to fish. Thanks guys.
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    I havent fished Tillery in a while, but when I did, you almost always catch decent fish around the Dam past Marrow mountain. Good mix of deep and shallow water between the damn and rocks. Bait I can't help you with but when we crappie fish there during early spring, I always see schools of shad at the mouth of swift Island, and around 24/27 bridge, plus around the spillways at the damn. Lot of water to cover there, but I have seen very nice blues come from that lake, and its probably just a matter of time before a monster shows up.