Lake Tillery report

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  1. Tomahawk

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    Man was it foggy this morning. The fish weren't bitting today. I did see something interesting today. When I was coming back to the ramp I noticed alot of people on the pier and two deputies along with recue squads. Well when i got to the dock I looked over and saw a red work truck in the water. Someone drove into the lake. DOn't know if there was someone inside. Water was too cold to go under and take a look. I had to wait a hour at the dock. A wrecker was trying to pull the truck up. He failed too small of a wrecker. They called for a bigger one and I decide to leave. If there was someone in the truck you will here it in the news tonight. The things you see at the ramp.
  2. miichael

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    North Carolina
    Hope there wasn't anyone in there. probably just a stolen vehicle. so you didn't catch no fish today?

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    That's kind of weird Robert. I can't believe somebody drove into the lake. How's the bait down there. Are there still shad in the cove there. see ya