Lake Tillery report Jan16th

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  1. Tomahawk

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    Nice morning on the water. No wind blowing. Had a hard time getting bait but afew fish were bitting. Caught 2 blues a small one and a 45lber. Also caught some channels, the biggest was at 12lbs. Had the whole lake to myself this morning. That 45lber really took off on me this morning. He was really full of it. Had some fun with him. Water temp was at 48*.
  2. jerry9497

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    Tobaccoville NC
    That was good one Robert. Where exactly was you at....LOL:big_smile: I guess your going to fish tournement this weekend?
    Was thinking... What if I hired you for guide...on NCCATS tournement day:wink: then paid you with winnings. lol... no I wouldnt do that. I'de give you half!
    Good luck in tournement, I will try to make it. not sure yet.

  3. bigcatwannabe

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    rowland, nc
    do any of you guys know where i can get a good map of tillery and tell me if there are any boat ramps on the east side of the lake besides lillys br.?
  4. Rookie12

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    Kannapolis, NC
    I have seen maps of both Badin and Tillery together but I can't remember where I saw them at. I have on somewhere. The ramp I usually use is off Hwy. 73 called Swift Island. It is also on the east side of the lake and most of the time in the winter bait is pretty easy to get in the cove there. Lilly's Bridge holds lots of bait too though. This time of year, your bet bet is to fish from the big bridge up to the mouth of the Uwharrie river. look for drops and humps and if you mark fish, anchor out over 'em. good luck!