Lake Tillery Report Jan11th

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    Went to Tillery yesterday morning. Caught afew channel cats up river. Then it started raining. It rained off and on all day. I went down river looking around. I went into a bay and found tones of bait, birds and fish. There where stripers and bass everwhere. Caught 4 stripers and 16 largemouth. The bibbest striper was at 8lbs. Alot of fun on light spinning outfits. And I was the only person out there. Can't beat that. The fish were bitting up till 1100. After that my day went down hill. My truck broke down just as I loaded the boat up. So I was stuck at the ramp with a boat laoded on the trailer for several hours. Lucky there wasn't any people out there. Of all places to break down thats not a good place. Can't complaint too much. Thats the first time my trucks broke down in 250, 000 miles. See-ya.
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    Tobaccoville NC
    sorry to hear about truck. but still probably better than working. but you prob had to do that afterwards...but hey caught fish!!!!:wink: PS I need a hole before the 19th.