Lake Tillery report Aug21

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    I went back to Tillery last from 0100-0700. I had a hard time marking any fish. I anchored out and caught two 12lb blues and a 7lb flat. Tried several differnet areas, not much. At daylight I moved again. I went over this area and marked some big fish. I put out and casted live bait out on floats and on the bottom. It didn't take long. The first blue was caught on the bottom. He was 28lbs. Just before I was going to leave I noticed my floatrig moved alittle. Then it started going down in real slow motion. I had to look twice to make sure I wasn't seen things. As it finally went under I set the hook and it was a nice fish. Didn't relise how big until I got him to the boat. I couldn;t bring him up for a while. He put up a great fight. He weighted out at 47lbs. I called after that. Saw alot of tipwater action this morning, whiteperch and small bass everywhere.


    good job man ..... ive really been thinking bout goin fishin with the best guide (you) lol foreal iam workin hard just for that and this truck iam tryin to buy well man hope we go fishing soon