Lake Tillery Report 12/21/06

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    South Carolina
    First, I'll report on bait. The gizzard shad have moved out of the boat ramp creek. I couldn't even catch a single one. You can catch all of the small threadfins that you want though. Threadfins seemed to be just about everywhere today. Also, there is a BIG tree in the middle of the main channel. It was straight out from the boat ramp creek at 4pm today. Watch out for that.
    Now for the fish. The blues had lockjaw today. I anchored on 3 spots loaded with big fish and never got a good bite. I didn't really expect them to bite well today because of the weather. Just caught 2 channels from one of those spots. I tried cut white perch and threadfins. I decided to chase the birds today and try for stripers. I caught two. The largest was about 5 lbs. I also caught about 30 white perch, a 2 lb. white bass, and about a dozen largemouth bass up to 3 lbs. Jacob's Creek is loaded with largemouth right now and you can catch as many as you want.
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    Rick, at lease you put some fish in the boat. That was a good day if you ask me. Ive Been catching some good stripers at badin latley. On top too. Congrats on the catch and thanks for the report.