Lake Tillery, 10-18-06

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    Went this morning , fished until 12:30 pm. The bite was slow at best. I did manage 4 blues with the biggest being 20 lbs. a couple around 12 and one around 6. Also caught one channel in the 6 lb. range. Caught a few gizzard shad for bait at the little bridge at swift island ramps. The water temp was 68 . I was anchored in 34 ft. There was a lot of trash on the water and the lake was full. Good to be back on Tillery again .
  2. jdstraka

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    4 catfish in the morning Gosh thats Great! I just LOVE that kind of Slow, and the Largest being #20 pounds? SUPER,I know some of us Guys would be in Hog Heaven! Congrats Your way. J.D.

  3. MRR

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    Man youcall that slow,I'd be in hog heaven if I ever had a morning like that.I"d probably faint if I caught the 20#.congrads on your fine catches. Keep it going.
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    Thanks for the report,Jeff. I've got about 2 more weeks before my doc turns me loose. After that, color me " On Tillery." :big_smile_2:
  5. CMJ

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    Hope you can get out there and catch some.