Lake Thunderbird

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    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Cleveland County, 13 miles E of Norman, OK
    6,070 acres
    Shoreline: 86 miles
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    Not to mention that there are some great flatheads in there. And the crappie are plentiful.

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    Mannford. Oklah
    Lake Thunderbird State Park Originally named Little River State Park, this 1834 acre park on the shores of Lake Thunderbird underwent an official name change in 1997 to make identification easier. Lake Thunderbird State Park encompasses both the north and south shores of Lake Thunderbird and can be accessed through nine entrance points: 4 at Clear Bay area on the south side, and 5 at the Indian Point area on the north. Once Indian owned land, an old preserved Indian homestead complete with grave sites, chicken coop, and corn cellar remains in the Post Oak campground in the Clear Bay area and can be viewed by visitors. Another distinctive feature of the area is a great concentration of Sand Barite Rose or the Rose Rock, a unique reddish, rose-shaped formation and the official state rock of Oklahoma. These rocks can also be found in Kansas and Egypt, but nowhere is there as great a concentration as in Oklahoma. With 6,070 acres of water and 86 miles of shoreline, Lake Thunderbird offers a full range of water activities and is served by two marinas, Calypso Cove Marina on the south side, and Little River Marina on the north side.
    This was copied from other Thunderbird thread.