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Bryan County, SE of Ardmore, OK
88,000 acres
Shoreline: 580 miles

On the north shore of the Washita Arm of Texoma lies old Fort Washita, established in 1842. This facility offered shelter for many famed frontiersmen and statesmen, including General Zachary Taylor, Captain Robert E. Lee and Davy Crockett & Jim Bowie, who stopped there en route to the Alamo.

Lake Texoma provides some of the best fishing in the nation. The most common species include crappie, white and black bass, various catfish, sunfish, striped bass, walleye and Florida bass. Approximately 80,000 acres of Lake Texoma project lands are open to the public for hunting, offering whitetail deer, quail, dove, ducks, geese, rabbits, and squirrel.
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