Lake Texoma... hot right now

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    lake texoma has been really hot for stripers lately, i went out about a month ago, and have friends go out with in the past 2 days, if u can find the striper schooling u can limit out really fast, infact we had to let most of our striper go because we had already caught 2 over 20", most of the stripers where at least 22" and the biggest being 24", and i had friends out on texoma saying the same thing, we where catchin the striper on big poppers, the picnic areas that are under water are really good for this, and if you can find a school all by your self you can follow the school for hours, had a friend who went 2 days ago and followed a school for 1 hour 30 minutes, he said theyd come up for about 10 minutes go back down and come up again, all in all i suggest goin to texoma to catch some stripper, im not sure if any of the ramps are open, forgot to ask.. but if u can get out youll find the fish! good luck tight lines!