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    I am going to my wifes family reunion this weekend at tenkiller so I decided to take my boat to get some fishing in but I have never been there and know nothing about it. I was thinking about either sandbass or cats but I am open for whatever is biting. I was just hoping someone could steer me in the right direction on some places to try. thanks
  2. Big Sam

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    You can see the sand bass driving the shad up in the mornings. There will be hundreds in a school. Most folks troll on the eddge of the school and cast there bait into it. tenkiller is a water sport lake:crazy:stay out of the main part it get's crazy with jet ski's and water sports. For cats try the far upper end go under the highway bridge and fish the brush. I used to live not far from the lake and that's where we used to catch cats. I haven't fished it though in a long time. Good luck:smile2: and follow the rules..the lake patrol hits the lake hard on the weekends.

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    Sam's got this one pegged fer sher... The lake's just about normal level now and the channels are about done spawning. Just keep your baits in shallow water as close to the brush as you can get it. Launch at the ramp near Cookson Bridge and go upstream into the river. Target the back of the creeks for channels and you should connect.
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    Yuo brought back a whole bunch of memories for me! My family used to vacation there. We used to stay at fin and feather resort. I haven't been there in a long time but I know it has some good fish in there. There are all kinds of things to do there. I remember there are a couple of restaurants on the water there. At one of them there are some fish that hang out there that you can feed I think it is called Barnacle Bills. wouldn't try baiting a hook there. I think there is even a trout stream. I remember there is an island we used to have lunch at, in the middle of the lake. Can't believe I forgot about all this, thanks for the stroll down memory lane!