Lake Tawakoni guides?

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    Lake o the Pine
    Never been to Tawakoni and was thinking about maybe getting a guide the first time. Anybody out there have any recomendations in this areas? If not a guide maybe a good starting place. Hope to go sometime in March.
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    The lake can be very unfulfilling if your not carefull. I've seen Re-bar from concrete sticking out of the water. They have trees in clusters 30 to 40 feet in subserged water. They are hell on a lower unit!!!! And lets not forget the wind, that causes the 4 and 5 foot swells on the lake. Basically I like staying at the state park in the cabins and if you have a boat I like fishing in the channels around that area. We have gone the distance and fished on the other side of 2 mile bridge from the state park where the river comes into the lake. We have not caught nothing big there but lots in the 20 to 30 pound range it should be anywhere from 30 to 50 feet there. I hooked onto a steel cable trotline there one time. Someone went to allot of work to set that one up!!!!!!!!!! The Whites, Strippers, and Crappie are good at night fishing under green lights under the bridge pillars if you want the extra adventure. I will be there next weekend/1st of March. Look for a blue and white 18' Bayliner boat. I'll be the fat dude.

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    Check out the Partners in guide services on this site and one of them from Texas will fix you right up.