Lake Tappan Catfishing and Carping 3-26

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    went out to Tappan tonight with Joe (snobal). fished from about 9 pm till around 1 am. the bite was slow, we tried a variety of man made baits (powerbaits and rusty's baits) and didnt do any good. so i decided to try a crawler and almost immediately started catching fish. first fish i caught was my first Carp of the year, it was around 20 inches long and just under 5 lbs (joe has a decent picture in his camera) and i ended up catching 5 Small channel cats with the 2 biggest ones being 14 inchers !!! Snobal caught his first channel cat of the year too when he switched over to night crawler. we wouldda caught more fish but we both wanted to give the man made baits a try and stuck with them MOST of the night. the fish are REALLY HITTING on night crawlers at Tappan for some reason !!!