Lake Superior

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    31,700 sq. miles, 2726 miles of shoreline, 483 feet average depth, 1332 feet at the deepest point. The Largest of the Great Lakes, this wide span of water reaches from Duluth, MN. on its most western shore to 371 miles east to the locks at Sault Ste. Marie. At its widest point it is 166 miles wide. Numerous stopping points are available on the Canadian side as well as the US. side. This lake is noted for high cliffs, scenic shorelines, frequent changes in weather and most notably November 10th, 1975 the loss of the Edmond Fitzgerald in 550 feet of water near Whitefish Point, Canada.

    I have never heard of a cat caught on this lake.... Theyre probably there but their parkas and thick gloves make hooksets difficult.