Lake Sturgeon in the Clinch River

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    This morning a young lady in her twenties fishing close to me caught a lake sturgeon out of the Clinch River. It looked to be a little short of a yardstick. She let it go. A fellow who was sitting in the parking lot came down and said TWRA had stocked several thousands of them. The last time I heard of one had been several years earlier. One had gotten stranded in a ditch adjacent to the Emory River and TWRA had to come rescue it. TWRA weighed it and planted it somewhere else, but got back with the land owner and told him it weighed 102 pounds. The lake sturgeon is one of the smaller species of sturgeon, they only grow to 9' long. Some sturgeon out west can reach 14' to 20'. They had forgotten there camera and unfortunately no one had one nearby.
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    Cool, thanks for the report! Good to see that the TWRA stocking efforts seem to be working. Makes me long to return home in WI for the feburary sturgeon spearing season on Lake Winnebago. Loads of fun wrestling with a large sturgeon in a ice shack! Don't forget, its illegal for now to keep Sturgeon here in TN.

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    Thanks for posting festus I'm glad that TWRA is making an effort at re-introducing them and it would be great to be able to say you caught one in your lifetime. I know the young lady had to be really supprised.
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    Thanks Festus for the information. We have a very good organization in te TWRA I feel from their efforts such as these. Nice 1 government organization can actually do what it's was intended to do. Have watched a couple of fishing shows on WFN that was on sturgeon fishing. Looks like it would be a cool experience.