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    Officials: Algae in Ohio lake poses health risks Posted 5/23/2009 10:40 AM ET

    ST. MARYS, Ohio (AP) — Ohio park officials say an abundance of toxic algae at a western Ohio Lake poses a health risk for swimmers and boaters.
    The algae at Grand Lake St. Marys releases a neurotoxin that can cause skin rashes and sore throats and kill small animals.
    State environmental officials say a water sample this week showed the toxin level at four times the low-risk level set by the World Health Organization. Officials have posted water-quality warnings as the swim season begins.
    The 13,000-acre lake in Mercer and Auglaize (AW'-glayz) counties is considered one of the state's most polluted and is its first inland lake where algae has created a health risk.
    Local activists say fertilizers and manure from nearby farms have contaminated the lake.
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    Looks like it is time to pull the plug on it.

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    Alot of so called "officials" have turned a blind eye to this problem at St Marys for a long time. Locals in that area can tell you first hand about the steady decline of the lake over many years. And this is the inevitable result of what happens when organizations that are supposed to protect our valuable natural resources turn their heads for years and years to this kind of environmental poisoning. Guess some folks figured it's no big deal. That 13,000 acres would take forever to foul. They figured wrong. You think money doesn't talk? It could likely take a hell of alot longer for this lake to recover than it did to for this to happen. And that's a long long time. This was an avoidable occurrence and it's a damn shame.
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    Where is the money from these overpriced fishing and hunting licenses we buy every year going?!?!?! I always thought the money was being spent on conservation and maintaining the parks and wildlife areas to prevent just this type of thing from happening..... I guess I was wrong, guess it's being used to line someones pockets. That's funny they wait until it poses a human health risk to act when it's already too late for any fish or wildlife in that area.
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    it really is a damn shame, i live abouth 30 minuts south of the lake and it is/was my primary fishing spot in the summertime. now i'm waiting for the no fishing signs to go up. My only other option is lake loramie, i've fished there a few times and havn't caught a thing.
    So i guess my gear will sit for a while as i'm laid off and fishing was going to be my primary way of relaxation this summer.

    I hope the powers that be get their head outta their asses and start working on a fix pronto, it really is a nice area and without that lake Celina and St. Mary's might as well pack up and leave.
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    Thanks for the info. Garry. rollo
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    Totally a shame how this was let go until it's basically to late to be saved. It's amazing why it happens an also where the money that we pay goes to! Sure hate to hear about such a lake being lost because of this.
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    Yes it is a shame that such a nice lake is going to waste. i fish there because its the only place close to me that has tournys. i am going tonite as a matter of fact for a tourny. i wish someone would run some at loramie cause it is closer and i have better luck there anyway and get bigger fish. my biggest being 12.6#.:sad2:

    ya know what doesnt make since to me is they just stocked st.marys with saugeye last friday.the fish were made sterail so if they make there way to erie they wont breed.get if the lake is such bad shape why stock it.clean it up first.:confused2:
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    trophy also try indian lake or the great miami up that way food for thought rick