Lake Skiatook

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  1. ttownreb

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    Anyone ever catfish much on Lake Skiatook? Any tips or hot spots would be appreciative.
  2. fishnfool68

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    Near Tulsa Oklahoma
    For me I love to fish the submerged timber in the coves,in 20-30' of water.
    We tie off to the trees and just fish all night.I find the crappie there,where the crappie are I catch cats.I usually fish 2 poles for cats with 3-5" crappie on them and 1or 2 poles with shinners for crappie.I've found its come and go -the school of crappie will move in and I'll catch 20 or more in about 30min then they move on. Then with in 2hrs they came back and I get busy again.When the crappie move in I usually catch a couple of good size cats.Between schools I usually catch hybreds.I haven't had a boat to get out to the coves in a few years but the nights I've spent out there have been some of the best fishing I've ever done.Find the timbers and the crappie and your in for alot of fish to clean.