Lake Shelbyville "NEW" Crappie REGs

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    Thought I would add this for any of you that may Crappie fish Lake Shelbyville............

    Lake Shelbyville Reminder: Anglers interested in crappie are reminded of a new regulation on Lake Shelbyville that will take effect on April 1. It will allow for the continued harvest of 10 crappie that are 10 inches or larger but will also allow the harvest of five crappie less than 10 inches. Due to crappie population dynamics and fishing activity, the new regulation was determined to likely produce the best results for enhancing crappie fishing at the lake. A large majority of the white crappie caught by anglers have been between 9.5 and 10 inches. Because of this, the limit below 10 inches was set at only five fish to prevent potential over harvest of smaller white crappie and maintain good potential recruitment of white crappie to sizes 10 inches and larger at Lake Shelbyville. For more information on Illinois fishing regulations, pick up a copy of the 2008 Illinois Fishing Information booklet, or find it online at
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    Thanks for the info.