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    I need help from my fellow NC catfishers. I have fished Harris a thousand times but we have never went after cats but now we want to give it a go so I would be forever greatful if someone could give me advice on where there are good spots. Also, what are the biggest cats you all pulle dout of there just out of curiousity?

    Another place I was thinking about trying WITHOUT the boat is at the river down off 42 towards Lilington (Cape Fear I believe). has anyone fixed from the bank there and is it worth it?

    Thanks guys any help is better then no help, I am just trying to get some places to fish with and without the boat that a fairly close so I don't have to keep fishing the little ponds with little fish haha.
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    Harris is a funny lake for cats. The three species you will catch there are (in order of abundance): White cats, Brown bullheads and Channel catfish. As far as places, it is a hard place to pinpoint fish, especially during the warm months due to the Hydrilla. A good start is to fish points from the bank out to the 10-12 foot depth. There are usually a few around the railroad bed area near the Holleman ramp. I caught a channel cat that weighed a little over 19 pounds on the point on the left near the plant as you head into Little White Oak creek, and that spot is always pretty good. In most places once you get out of the hydrilla (7-9 feet) you get into the black algae (also known as gorilla snot). :lol:

    It is best to stay away from the algae if you can.

    Methods and bait:

    for the Whites and Bullhead....anythng works.....for the only one I fish for, Channels, live Bream seems to be a great bait.....I like to float them about 3-5 feet under a baloon and also c-rig a few. Different nights they like different things.

    Cut shad will work some for the channels but for some reason, it aint that great there. One other strange thing they like is bread. One whole piece balled up on a 5/0 gami does the trick.

    All in all, if you are going after eaters or even just a better night of Channel fishing....go to Jordan. Harris is not that great of a cat lake. If you want a legitimate shot at a 15 pound Channel and a slow night other wise...Harris will work.

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    done a lot of jug fisning at that lake