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    Big Rock, IL
    Anybody doing any good at Lake Shabbona?

    My son and I thought we had mastered the art of catching cats out there this spring, but now we are having very little success and we are getting very frustrated!

    I've tried Nightcrawlers, minnows, shrimp, Dip baits, homemade strawberry Jello baits, crayfish, and bluegills (whole and cut). About the only thing I haven't tried is dynamite. I would like to try using Shad out there but am not sure where to look for them. Does anybody know where I might find some in this lake?

    We mostly fish in 4 - 15 feet of water and use slip bobbers holding the baits a foot or two off the bottom. We fish from a boat with a fishfinder and depth finder and seldom catch fish where the FF marks them.

    This lake has some good sized Channel cats in it and I would not be surprised to see one in the 20+ range caught out of there someday. I have personally caught (and released) one over 10lbs from here this year.

    This lake has water depths of 40ft in some places and I often wonder if the cats spend the daytime hours way down deep. It also seems like they don't move to the shallows (or at least start to feed) till dusk but we have to be off the lake by 9:30pm.

    Any tips on how we can improve our chances? We really like this lake and it's close to home. But we really want to get more bites!

    Thanks in advance,
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    My brother use to live at Earlville and fished the lake all the time. He use to talk about fishing the edges of moss. Said on the east side somewhere was an old combine left there when the lake was excellent spot. My nephew caught one 20+ but that has been several years back. I will talk to him and try to get back with more detailed info.