Lake Sam Rayburn Catfishing

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    From what i hear they have been tearing the catfish up using jugs. A friend of mine went out with his Pop and caught a 50+ blue on a jug a couple of weeks ago. How is everyone else fairing. I will be getting out for the first time this spring in a couple of weeks. What are you guys having the best luck with. Cut shad, blue gill, shrimp. i am hearing that everyone is mostly catching at 8' -10' deep. Any information would be greatly appreciated. IT would also be great to know what everyone is catching.
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    Gary Texas
    Fished Rayburn for a week, week before last. The Ops were biting in the back of creeks on mud cats, would not touch bream. They were catching them up to 52lb. The cannels and blues were a little deeper out in the coves.
    My neighbors were cat fishing and I had promised my grandson Bass and White perch fishing. There were some people running jugs and doing well on live bream. Not sure if they were noodling or bottom fishing. I just watched them running there jugs in the morning time. I know they were fishing about 8ft in the Veach Basin area.