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    1. Anybody ever catch any big cats on Russell? All I've caught is small channels, but I haven't fished much for cats. 2 & 3. How does the cold water coming out of Hartwell Dam effect the big cats and how far down the Savannah River does it effect? 4. When they are generating at Hartwell or Russell how does that effect the bite?

    Teach Me! I use this stuff. Well, some of it.
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    I haven't caught any big cats out of Russell but, have caught a few channels and white cats. Last Sunday I was at Smith McGee and the water temp was 78 up at the rocks but a mile or so down stream it was already back up to 82 so I wouldn't think it matters to far down. As far as the generating goes I don't know. I would think it would help.

    Just FYI, I got creel surveyed by a DNR officer and I asked if he knew of any blues in Russell and quickly said "NO"! I'm not sure by the way he looked if he knew what a blue was!:smile2:

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    I talked to an old timer once while I repaired a treadmill for him that lived a few miles from russell and he said that before they dammed up the lake and early in its filling up stage that he caught alot of blues from the river where the lake is but the more it filled up the less he would catch. I wouldnt know personally though I have only fished it twice. once for stripers and once behind hartwell dam for trout.
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    If ya want cats in Russell at the dam , don't bother for now, they are in full spawn from Mountain View to the Dam. If you decide to fish it anyway here is the number for Hartwell Dam for when they open her careful out there.


    It changes every 24hrs so you cant find out in advance. The new schedules come out everyday after 12am. No water is being released today.